Our Philosophy

Offers something for everyone: personalized workouts, online coaching,

customized nutrition plans and hands on training to help clients achieve their goals.

Development, movement and balance are the 3 pillars of 413 Fitness.


413 Fitness concentrates on developing mental and physical strength to minimize setbacks and

continually improve endurance. Having a positive self-esteem impacts your overall well-being—

we focus on motivation, encouragement and how to control negative thoughts.


To avoid workout plateaus and overuse injuries, 413 Fitness incorporates many different types

of movement: weightlifting, spin, yoga, rowing, boxing, plyometrics and tabatas. Workouts are

never boring and always challenging.


Maintaining flexibility in nutrition, life and fitness is very important for long-lasting results. 413

Fitness coaches you on achieving your goals through keeping a consistent regimen without

having to make sacrifices.




Starts at $315



$80 / 4 Sessions


Starts at $15/session


Customized Monthly Workouts



Monthly Macros & Accountability


Nutrition and Workout Package

Begins at $315 / 8 Weeks


Partner Plan


Bridal Plan



*Cancellation Policy: A notice must be given 24 hours in advance or the client is subject to forfeiting their session without a refund.

* Refund Policy: 413 Fitness does not offer refunds for services. 



Cici- Austin,TX
”As an athlete growing up and all through college, I felt like fitness and nutrition were always at top peek performance. Although as an adult I felt after a short break from workout consistency I was gaining rest but also losing myself. Fitness is a big part of my life and I wanted to regain control of that. Nutrition of course goes hand in hand and as I believe is the most important part. I did have past knowledge of food prep and logging, but wanted to try something new. Erika was a friend whom shared and succeeded in her own athletic career and obliged to help me out with getting back on track. I had never really worked with macro counting, though with erikas help and guidance was easy to follow and execute. The food logging and schedule was all real food and didn’t feel like a fad diet. With more knowledge gained in macros I now am able to keep track and create my own on going plan. We’ve made some good progress and I am excited to get back and exceed where I used to be. I would recommend anyone to such a great coach and trainer, either it be your very first time getting on the health train or an athlete finding their way again to greatness! Thanks Erika, I am forever grateful!”
Baylee- Stillwater, OK
I never really understood that health is different for everyone. We are all different with different lifestyles and body types. When I learned how to control my diet and work out for my body type, then things clicked. I also loved the help of Erika and getting to ask her questions and using her for guidance!”
Tasha- Tyrone,OK
I was so scared to start working out again after having a baby and trying to eat properly. Erika made the process simple enough to understand yet complex enough to work! I love her encouragement during and between workouts and it is so awesome that you literally have a personal trainer in your living room pushing you out of your comfort zones! Not only does she better my physical fitness but also my nutritional habits for long term effects. :)
Mary- Denver, CO
first reached out to Erika for some fitness guidance because I didn’t like what I was seeing in the mirror. I had been busy working full time and going to school full time. The only thing I seemed to let go was my fitness. Erika was able to give me a plan
with structure that I could easily implement into my hectic schedule. The results I saw even after a couple of weeks was so amazing it only encouraged me to keep pushing. Erika held me accountable and gave me the kick start I desperately needed. The changes
I have not only seen, but felt, have moved me to make serious life changes. Consistently working out while eating healthy has given me a new burst of energy that I was sorely missing. I can’t wait to see where I will be in another month!
Kaci- Oklahoma City, OK
Before starting Erika’s program, I had always been into working out and was pretty active my whole life. For about a year, I noticed I was lacking motivation and intensity in my workouts as well as my nutrition was not where it needed to be. I reached out to Erkia not knowing it would be one of the BEST decisions I would make all year. Erika provided me with a meal plan custom to what I like to eat and workouts that were tailored to my goals. As a college student that is constantly on the go, I was given easy and delicious meals and high intensity, efficient workouts that could be completed in less than an hour. Not only was I just given a meal plan and workouts, but I was taught how to live a healthy lifestyle so that I could continue to keep progressing after my 4 weeks were completed. This program has changed the way that I eat, changed my perspective of what it means to be fit, and that healthy is not just a number on a scale. Throughout my 4 weeks (and beyond those 4 weeks) Erika was constantly in contact with me and motivating me to keep pushing, even on days when I wanted to give up. It was amazing to have someone so invested in me and my success. Through this program I have looked and felt better than I have in years and have gained back so much more confidence! I can’t thank Erika enough for helping, guiding, and encouraging me start this incredible journey that I know I will continue!


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